ACP Cladding


Al Tayyeb Neon offers you the best ACP Cladding services in addition to signage designing. For your display, you definitely need to have the high-quality material that will get you long lasting display. All we do is to bring the perfection for you at one place, from printing to cladding and much more.

High-Quality ACP Cladding

ACP Cladding Dubai – Al Tayyab is making it simple and easier for you to get your signage designed, printed and displayed by one stop. We offer you the high-quality material for ACP cladding that keeps the signage hold properly and gives you maximum visibility. Al Tayyebneon offers you the best quality display of your signage with vibrant colours that last for long. This helps you to make the display of your message for the maximum time and get the right response.

The ACP Cladding is the ultimate option you have currently that gives you the ultimate support for business advertisement. It is not only workable for outdoor signage but good to be used indoors for an industrial look. It gets the ultimate print look on matt laminate and gloss as well. We bring the following features for cladding:

  • 3mm in thickness
  • Printing full-colour images
  • High-quality prints with genuine equipment and inks
  • UV and weather resistant
  • Various sheets sizes
  • Geometric shape cuttings available
  • Easy drill material at installation but offer pre-drilled holes

Why ACP Cladding for Business?

Your corporate image brings you worth that makes thing viable for you. Al-Tayyeb Neon makes sure to bring you the best display that helps to increase your business visibility and its promotion. The ACP Cladding is not just a panel for printing but something extensive that last longer and shine brighter. We have the best team that can suggest you have the right things done and get its benefits for long.

Why Choose Us?

We are one of the leading Aluminum Composite Panel Suppliers Dubai that brings high-quality material with designing and printing to you. The best about choosing us for services is you will get all customized services and final product from one place. Things are not hectic when you reach one-stop shop as you save time and resources.