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Get One Step Ahead In Your Marketing With Outdoor & Indoor LED Screens!

In order to provide cutting-edge LED signage Al Tayyeb helps businesses up their marketing game with both indoor and outdoor LED screens. For both indoor and outdoor use, we provide premium LED display solutions. Our visual LED display Sign Manufacturer Company solutions are best used in shopping centres, retail stores, hospitals, restaurants, schools, cinemas, airports, subways, supermarkets, billboard advertising, roadshows, vocal concerts, weddings, award shows, speech sessions, sports games, and more.

All about the features of our LED screens

  1. Solid colours and a high contrast ratio- Al Tayyeb’s LED screens provide stunning and accurate colours for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as a high contrast ratio for the greatest colour consistency. Businesses that wish to use high-quality content to sell their products must get these screens.
  2. High resolution and brightness- Our LED screens are made to be readable in the intense sunshine of the UAE. The best resolution at large screen sizes may be achieved with these screens by displaying both HD and UHD 4K films and information.
  3. Low power consumption- Our LED Displays are built to be energy-efficient while displaying material with vibrant colours and sharpness. Since these displays are made to run continuously for a whole year, it also aids in reducing power consumption.

Indoor LED Screens

The innovative indoor LED display solutions from Al Tayyeb are designed for use in situations where image quality is crucial. With the help of our quick-to-install, long-lasting indoor LED displays, draw the attention of your guests with richer colours and more brightness.

The latest indoor LED displays from Al Tayyeb are ideal for a variety of uses, including retail, advertising, museums, weddings, events, airports, schools, and restaurants, among others. They won’t wash out, so you can even put them in storefront windows. These highly configurable, low-cost indoor LED displays are available in a range of sizes.

Outdoor LED Screens

Our tough outdoor LED displays are known across the industry for their unrivalled dependability and ability to withstand the most extreme conditions. These big size outdoor LED displays provide a strong contrast to enhance the clarity of the pictures and the vibrancy of the colours. Throughout the course of the product’s life, an astonishingly high brightness level guarantees pixel-perfect images at all times, even in intense sunshine.

With certified waterproof outdoor LED display screen solutions,we offer you the flexibility of unique screen sizes, as well as front and back servicing choices. All goods go through rigorous quality inspection and testing to provide total protection against not just water and dust, but also temperature changes and UV radiation.

So, whether you need LED screens or wayfinding signage Dubai, contact us today.