If you are looking for the best sign manufacturer company near you in the UAE, look no further. Al Tayyeb Neon is a licensed and insured full-service sign company. From earliest consultation to design, manufacture, permit application, and sign installation, we provide a comprehensive range of services. To ensure that your sign project is a success, learn more about our methodology.

Consultation & site survey-

Free consultation and site assessment are the initial steps in your new signage project. We get to know you and learn more about your signage needs throughout this stage of the process. We will discuss the sort of sign you want, your budget, and where the signage will be displayed at this discussion. In addition, we’ll assist with a site assessment to assess the sign’s area and gather measurements. We will offer you a bespoke quotation based on the information acquired during this stage of the process.

Design proof-

We will move on to design proof when the first phase of the process is completed and the quote is approved. To be clear, our signboard makers in Dubai will create a mock-up of the sign project. This step ensured that we make the best sign for your company. Before going on to the next phase, the design proof will be offered for your evaluation and approval.

Signage fabrication-

Once the design proof or sign permits have been accepted, the sign goes into production. Our skilled fabrication team works diligently to create the best signage possible. We exclusively utilize the best fabrication processes and materials to manufacture high-quality signs as a well-established signage manufacturer.


We provide a wide range of services, including signage installation. This is a highly technical service that necessitates the completion of some stages to achieve the best results. We have all the necessary tools to guarantee that the signage installation is completed professionally. Our staff carries their step ladders, ladders, and aluminum tower scaffold to ensure that we meet our deadlines. There will be no delays in the installation due to our experienced personnel and exceptional sound technology.

So, what are you waiting for? Now is the best moment to connect with a signage company. Don’t waste time looking for a good signboard company in Dubai that can give you the correct answer for your signage issues since Al Tayyeb Neon is here to help you with your branding issues. Schedule a meeting with one of our specialists today to get started on your sign project.