The goal of signage has always been to increase sales. A typical customer’s attention span is roughly 3 seconds when it comes to retail store signage. If you’re going to spend money and time on new signage or revamping an old one, it’s best to do it properly the first time. We, Al Tayyeb Neon, a top sign board company Dubai with over a decade of expertise in the Signage sector, have created a list of crucial tips to think about while getting your logo right.

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  1. Good logo design: An excellent logo should be easily recognizable and connected with your company. If you’re designing a new logo or revising an old one, use a competent designer to avoid any unpleasant shocks when the logo is blown up on your sign.
  2. Choose a legible font: For readability, classic typefaces are typically the ideal option. The most legible typefaces are Arial, Courier, and Verdana. Most designers of signboard companies Dubai, on the other hand, avoid typefaces like Times Roman, Comic Sans, and Papyrus.
  3. Use contrasting colors: Your logo, text, and photos should all stand out against the background. Choose letter colors that contrast with the backdrop color yet without appearing flashy.
  4. Opt for quality material: Design, approval, and installation fees may pile up quickly, so it’s natural to look for methods to save money elsewhere. Invest in high-quality materials to help you make a great first impression.
  5. Know that size matters: There are two reasons for measuring the outside signage precisely. Many local signage rules restrict the size of your signs, as well as their visibility from a distance. Signage is especially important if motorists are your primary customers.

According to a recent poll, roughly 76% of consumers had attended a store or business they had never visited before based only on the signs, making smart signage an investment. On the other hand, over half of respondents said that poor signage prevents them from visiting a business, making it a liability. This emphasizes the importance of properly-designed signage that considers your business identity as well as your target demographic.

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