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How do hotels large or small, share in the same? They all strive to create an unforgettable guest or customer experience. In any hotel, whether big or tiny, the primary customer contact point is reception. From questions to room amenities needs, reception is the main point of contact for customers.

Since numerous communication channels are available through the reception area at the reception of hotel it’s vital to ensure that obstructions are eliminated in all instances. Signage in reception areas at hotels could be a significant factor to create a pleasant as well for the customer. With the advancements in technology for every industry, such as tourism, travel, hospitality and hotel, digital Sign Board Companies Dubai is something worth considering.

Here are some reasons for hotel signage:

Signage Companies In Uae
  1. Easy navigation

    one of the most tried and tested methods to improve customer satisfaction are helping travellers assist themselves. The hotel’s signage at the reception desk helps guests locate restaurants, elevators and other services without the need to speak to the hotel staff or receptionists.
  2. Information on hotel facilities —

    One of the most effective ways to increase the recall value for your restaurant or hotel is to include videos on your hotel’s digital signage as well as menu boards. You can show all the relevant information about your establishments and menu items by using videos that are appealing and relatable. They can also be quickly retained
  3. Minimizing perceived wait time

    while people don’t like to wait, a waiting time in hotels is expected and is especially true when you are getting checked in and out. A study has shown that the perception of wait times has more impact on satisfaction among customers than “actual waiting time”. A dynamic display of digital information in the reception and lobby of hotels can help keep guests active, which can positively impact the perception of wait time to the benefit of the hotel.
  4. Highlighting house-related activities and local attractions

    Signboards for restaurants and hotels are a great way to draw more attention towards the major activities that take place during the week. In addition, highlighting local attractions can increase the worth of the area.


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